SciFilmIt Hackathon Zurich 2021

It was a great pleasure to bring back SciFilmIt Hackathon to Zürich. This is a unique opportunity for scientists, artists and filmmakers to get inspired, synergize and tell stories about science. Throughout the hackathon, they were mentored by experts in storytelling, science communication, teamwork and filmmaking.

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These are the people behind SciFilmIt hackathon Zurich 2021. We are a mix of PhDs, post-docs, artists and educators. All sharing our passion for film-making, storytelling and science communication.

Ave-Lii Idavain

Ave has two great passions: video/photography and science. She has been filming everything and everyone since she was 12, and has an MA degree in Science Communication and TV Journalism. She started «100 Seconds of Science» series on Estonian National Broadcast’s morning show and involved all of Estonia’s biggest universities to talk about their research in a fun, visually captive way. Her home for the past 5 years has been Zürich, where she works in MedTech doing Visual Communications and as a Project Manager for SciFilmIt. Having taken part in the hackathon three times before, she’s excited to finally organize one herself. Whenever possible, she escapes the city for the mountains.

Sandra Tietscher

Sandra is a molecular biologist in the last year of her PhD at the University of Zurich. In her research she looks at breast tumors as microenvironments, investigating the different cell types present (such as immune and tumor cells) and the way they communicate to activate or suppress each other. Passionate about the topic of communication also beyond the cellular scale, Sandra loves to write about important scientific topics in simple language and bring them to public attention. In her spare time, she is active as a freelance writer for the Austrian science magazine “Heureka” and otherwise spends every free minute outdoors climbing, hiking or skiing. For the SciFilmIt Hackathon Zürich 2021, Sandra manages the event logistics, making sure everyone is happy and well-fed.

Fanny Petibon

Fanny likes to say that the world is all about stories.
With a backpack on her back, she likes to explore the world and take the time to understand the life of people and their relationships with nature. In turn, she likes to make people discover the Swiss mountains on skis and tell them the story of the alps and the plants, animals and people who live there. On the occasion of scientific outreach events, you may also get a chance to listen to her sharing the life stories of trees and forests which she has been investigating molecule by molecule during her PhD. For the SciFilmIt Hackathon, she goes in search of the best mentors in science communication, film-making and art to help you tell your story to the world

Siim Uhtjärv

Siim has completed his MSc studies in Biomedicine and worked many years as a research associate in various labs across Europe. He has gained valuable experience in research from the fields of gene therapy, tissue engineering and immunology. Besides formal education, Siim is passionate about science communication and making sure that scientific discoveries reach people in a translational way. This has taken him to a marketing-related career path in the biotechnology sector, where he helps pharmaceutical companies to speed up the drug discovery process. As part of the SciFilmIt Hackathon, Siim makes sure that the event is being seen and understood by the wider public.

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