SciFilmIt Hackathon Lausanne 2021

The FIFTH Lausanne science film hackathon was a blast! Once more we returned to the University of Lausanne for 3 days of learning, creation and collaboration. As always, the three days hosted highly skilled mentors who shared their insights on science communication, teamwork and filmmaking.

Check out all the films on the YouTube channel, or watch the live show below!

SciFilmIt Lausanne 2021 Organising Team

This is the team that is making the SciFilmIt Hackathon Lausanne project happen! They are scientists, artists and communicators. They began putting this project together in late 2020 and are excited to bring amazing experiences to hackathon participants.

Dr. Sofya Mikhaleva

Sofya is a biophysicist studying how bacteria adapt to living inside our bodies. She is a science communication enthusiast and a cinephile. Sofya sees filmmaking as the most creative and concise way of sharing scientific discoveries with the public.

Sofya is in charge of finding and bringing amazing mentors to the event. These mentors will support participants in their science communication, filmmaking and teamwork.

Stefania Bertella

Stefania is a Ph.D. student in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at EPFL. In her research work, she is studying how to extract and use lignin, a component of plants, to make new and sustainable materials. In her free time Stefania writes and composes music and plays guitar, banjo, and a bunch of other instruments with Lady Crow, a folk-rock band based in Lausanne.

Stefania is supporting the organisation of the cinema event.

Joanna Ashok

Joanna is finishing her Master's thesis in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology at EPFL. While her research is focused on PET recycling, she's also passionate about all things food and food science. She loves anything that'll bring people together and thinks films are an incredible and meaningful way to do that.

Jo is the marketing manager for the event - catch her on our social media!

Dr. Arseniy Zaostrovnykh

Arseniy is a computer scientist and a language & communication enthusiast. In his dissertation, he worked on making the math-heavy formal verification accessible to regular software developers. In his work, he is looking at helping regular software developers write better code. Films for him are an engaging way to communicate ideas and educate a wide audience.

Arseniy is the project manager for the event, keeping an eye on all things!

Dr. Robbie I'Anson Price

Robbie is a scientist and filmmaker. In his science, he studies how and why honeybees dance, and in his films, he wants to elegantly communicate the scientific process. In his free time, Robbie enjoys re-imagining education, yoga, and exploration.

Robbie is looking after filmmaking aspects of the event, finding creators and booking equipment!

Dr. Nawal Kinany

Graphic designer turned neuroengineer, Nawal loves combining creativity, research and discussion to explore the world around her. In her work, she uses medical imaging to study the key role of the spinal cord in human behavior. Convinced that knowledge is meant to be shared, she wants to merge art and education to make science accessible, inclusive and engaging.