SciFilmIt Hackathon Bogotá 2022

SciFilmIt Hackathon Bogotá 2022 took place on the 14th to the 17th of October 2022 at Los Andes University and Cinemateca de Bogotá. Teams created four amazing science films with the support of the mentors and the organising team. Check out the trailer below or click here to see all the films!

Speakers and Mentors

Carlos Arturo Ramírez (speaker)

Carlos has worked as a director, screenwriter, videographer, and tutor in the audiovisual field with a special interest in documentary and fiction films. He has experience in educational projects of community cinema, research and is the creator of audiovisual pieces for different formats and supports.

In 2017 he directed the documentary feature film "Chiribiquete, videography of expedition to the Center of the World" chapter 4 of the Colombia Bio author documentaries series, and this led him to also collaborate in chapter 10 "La Casa de la Vida".

He has worked with different artistic agents and communities throughout Colombia creating content for different platforms and developing comprehensive training workshops.

Perfiles mentores y exposotores SciFilmIt

Laura Forero (mentor)

Laura is a student of Literature and Digital Narratives at the Universidad de los Andes. In June 2022, she presented the first degree project in Digital Narratives, focused on the design and production of transmedia narratives and World Building. She is a published author of poetry and has experience in the development of creative projects in different formats (sound, audiovisual, written, multimedia and transmedia), including scientific communication works.


Camilo Otálora Bastidas (mentor)

Camilo is a chemist, and has a Master and PhD in Chemical Sciences. He graduated from the National University of Colombia and is a postdoctoral researcher at the Industrial University of Santander with experience in the area of Materials Science, especially in the development of new materials for energy generation and storage.

He was born in Cucaita and grew up in Panqueba (Boyacá), a beautiful small and remote municipality in Colombia. After 10 years working in basic research, he has dedicated the last years to the leadership and development of community initiatives using science and technology as tools for local development in the organization Academics for Colombia.

Ricardo A. Pinzón Nieto (mentor)

Ricardo did his cinema studies at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and holds a Master’s in Sociology (communications and culture) from Université de Lausanne in Switzerland. He has worked as editor and producer in documentary films and documentary tv shows for NatGeo, FoxLatin America, Caracol Tv, TelePacífico, TeleCaribe and other platforms. He directed the film “Alias jj: evil celebrity (available on Netflix) and worked as Extras AD for the Swiss film “Mad Heidi”. He is currently the Communications Officer for a project attached to the National Health Institute in Colombia and the World Health Organization. He has participated as filmmaker in Geneva’s, Lausanne’s and Zurich’s SciFilmIt Hackathon. He also made part of the organizing team in Bogota’s 2021 SciFilmIt Hackathon and is exited to do it again this year as well as being a mentor.


Carlos Guarnizo (mentor)

Carlos is a biologist from the Universidad de los Andes, with a doctorate in Ecology, Evolution and Animal Behavior from the University of Texas at Austin. He is currently the leader of the Biodiversity Core at the Universidad de los Andes and also teaches Scientific Communication and Biogeography at the same university. He is the creator of outreach initiatives such as Ciencia Café pa Sumercé and Séneca Divulga. He manages the communications of the Uniandes Natural History Museum, and is co-creator and presenter of the TV show Embusters.

Organizing Team

These are the people behind SciFilmIt hackathon Bogota 2022. All sharing our passion for film-making, storytelling and science communication.


Maria Camila Castillo (General coordinator)

Maria Camila is a Journalist and Microbiologist. Throughout her life, she has always worried about scientific communication and diffusion. She has been the president of The Colombian Association of Microbiology Majors (AUMC) for a year, which is a nationwide association dedicated to promoting and spreading science around Colombia with the help of all 11 universities that offer a Microbiology major in this country. She also has experience with public speaking, participating in events like TEDxYouth where she has talked about the importance of interdisciplinary work between science, arts and communication.

Paola Andrea Martínez Murillo (coordinator)

Born and raised in Bogotá-Colombia. She did her rural practice in Barbacoas-Nariño, where she could witness the social and economic inequalities, which stimulated her to pursue her dreams. Since her master’s in microbiology at UNAL, she has been working in basic research of immune response towards infectious diseases and vaccines. In 2012 an opportunity to do an internship in Karolinska brought her to Stockholm, where she finished her PhD at Gunilla Karlsson group evaluating B cell response after vaccination. In 2018, she moved to Switzerland to form a family and doing a postdoc at UNIGE at Claire- Anne Siegrist human vaccinology lab, where she evaluated the immune response in an Ebola vaccine and mild COVID-19 . In 2022, she moved to Davos to start a more independent research, focus on the immune response in patients with atopic dermatitis.

During her stay in Geneva, she joined SciFilmIt to organize the Geneva hackathon in 2020. Since then, she has been part of this great science communication effort in Switzerland and in Colombia. She loves to be part of projects that involves education, innovation and sharing knowledge with public.


Santiago Hernández (volunteer)

Chemical engineer and microbiologist, magister in Biological Science – Microbiology, PhD candidate in Science – Biology. Seven years of experience in research and teaching at the Universidad de los Andes. Volunteer in the COVIDA project working as trainer and communicator of subjects related to SARS-Cov-2. Co-creator of the project “Embajadores de Bioseguridad” in the Universidad de los Andes and the ObvioMicrobio podcast.

Juan Sebastian Zapata (volunteer)

Sebastian is a currently student of microbiology and physics. He likes work on microbial studies with roots in applied physics. His research deals with the identification of the activity of microorganisms. He wants to improve his knowledge of interactions among bacteria with metabolic, motility and communication in microorganism communities. He is particularly interested in microorganism’s interactions. He has a particular interest about scientific communication and diffusion that´s bring to worry about the importance of communication and diffusion of science.

Yewel Vanessa Sanchez Tinjaca (volunteer)

Yewel is a biologist who studies the epidemiology of insect-borne diseases. In addition, she likes molecular biology and mathematical models that determine the factors that affect the distribution of insects and the diseases transmitted by them. She did her undergraduate and master's degrees in biological sciences at the Universidad de los Andes

Luis Antonio Silva (coordinator equipment use at Uniandes)

Luis currently works as the manager of the Communications and Cultural Management’s Office at the School of Arts and Humanities, Los Andes University, Colombia. He holds a BA in New Media Arts and a MFA in Digital Humanities from the same University. He’s a co-founder of the collective Digital Humanity, an interdisciplinary group of digital humanists trained in research, education, design, art, and digital storytelling that seeks to use digital technology as a means of knowledge generation and mediation between technological advances, their ethical considerations, cultural and social processes.

Sebastián Chinchilla Sarmiento (volunteer)

Sebastain is a 10th semester biology and microbiology student. He is interested in learning more about microorganisms to enhance their benefits and reduce their risks. Currently, He works with viruses that infect bacteria, seeking to take advantage of their genome through the use of biotechnology. In addition, he has a special interest in alternative ways to make science known.

SciFilmIt Bogotá 2022 would not be possible without our fantastic partners and sponsors. Muchas gracias to:

los andes

Cinemateca de Bogota’s Medialab is attached to the Instituto Distrital de las Artes, Idartes. Medialab’s objectives are, among others, to encourage and promote audiovisual and digital proposals and initiatives to engage art, New Media, and technology in Bogota.

The Biodiversity Core (Biocore) is a dependency of the Vice President for Research and Creation of the Universidad de los Andes that is interested in biodiversity issues, from projects and courses on biodiversity, to the administration of the Uniandes Natural History Museum. One of the main objectives of Biocore is the communication of research and creation in biodiversity.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities University of the Andes

The community that constitutes the Faculty of Arts and Humanities mobilizes all its intellectual and human capacities to face the implicit challenges in understanding local and global problems from a broad, analytical and creative perspective.

A huge thank you to the mentors who guided the teams through their process.

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