SciFilmIt Geneva 2020

SciFilmit Hackathon Geneva took place at Campus Biotech, Geneva, in September 2020. Five films were created over the three days. Thank you to the participants, mentors, organisers and sponsors.

You can see the films and the whole online public show on the YouTube channel and in the video below.

Thank you to our amazing sponsors who believed in our ability to create an event in such uncertain times.

The Organizing Team who brought the event to life

These are the people behind SciFilmIt hackathon Geneva 2020. They are PhDs, post-docs, artists and educators. 

Erica Honeck

Erica is a PhD student in environmental sciences at the University of Geneva, she has a background in biology. She is working on bridging the gap between science and policy by providing maps as decision-making tools, to ensure that ecosystem preservation is better taken into account in landscape planning in Switzerland. 

Liam completed his PhD in surface chemistry in Sydney, Australia early in 2019, focusing on the topic of wetting and nano-lubrication. He now works as a postdoctoral fellow in the field of colloidal chemistry at the University of Geneva. Liam has a passion for the communication of ideas, which has led him to pursue music and comedy outside of his scientific life. Currently, Liam is collaborating with his absurdist sketch comedy group, Burger King Illuminati, back in Australia via creating Youtube content and writing their next festival performance, and here in Geneva he does improvised music and sound for a monthly comedy show called Juicebox Comedy. On the side, Liam composes music for different projects, ranging from interactive theatre in Australia to songs for his rock band here in Geneva. 

Liam Scarratt

Mi Xue Tan

Mi Xue is a PhD student studying emotions and how they affect the brain and the body. She is interested in capturing fleeting moments through photography. She has recently discovered a whole new dimension through filmography – time, and is excited to create her first film 

Born and raised in Bogotá-Colombia, Paola fell in love with research during her bachelor degree.  Since her master she has been working in basic research of vaccines. Life would change when an opportunity to do an internship in Karolinska brought her to Stockholm, where she finished her PhD. Currently, forming a family and doing a postdoc at UNIGE in vaccinology. She loves to be part of projects that involves education, innovation and sharing knowledge with public as science clubs for teenagers and SciFilm, and firmly believes that science can change lives for good.

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Teerawat Monnor 

Teerawat is very happy to find out very recently that his name “Teerawat” means something cool in Sanskrit, derived from Teerawat meaning “Grow up like a philosopher“. Anyway, he was a physicist, turned affective scientist, studying emotion and behavior. Thailand is his motherland and he spent some time in Canada learning about the brain and developing his skills in computational neuroscience working with cool weakly-electric fish Apteronotus leptorhynchus. He now wants to learn to express himself and communicate his passion in science more creatively and efficiently. Organizing the SciFilmIt hackathon is part of the development.