SciFilmIt Competition

We have launched our first ever global online science film competition. The competition is open to scientists, filmmakers and creators across the globe. We invite you to submit your short science film on any scientific subject here:

At SciFilmIt we usually aim to bring scientific research from the lab (or office) to the cinema, but with the pandemic keeping much of the world at home, we want to help you to bring your science stories to the world! Furthermore, with the support of Nikon and the University of Geneva, we are able to offer amazing prizes for the best films!

The SciFilmIt Science Film Competition is open to scientists, science communicators and artists across the world. The criteria for your short science films are simple:

– 5 minutes or less
– backed up by science
– aimed at a non-scientists audience

The jury will evaluate the films primarily on how creators use story to accurately communicate science to the public and secondarily, how beautifully this is done. In this way, we are not asking you to use the most expensive equipment and build a huge team, rather we want you to explore how you can communicate your science in a new way. What story is hiding in your research that is yet to be told?

We will have an online show featuring the shortlisted films and discussions on the films featuring some of the jury. We will also award the Nikon Award for Best Swiss Film and the SciFilmIt Award for Best Global Film!

You might be wondering what qualifies as a ‘Swiss film’. We define this as a film made by a team for which the primary film submitter is based in Switzerland.

The deadline is May 31st 23:59 CET. You can submit and find the full set of rules on the FilmFreeway festival link above, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us an email: