SciFilmIt Hackathon Bogotá 2023 Mentors

Mentoring Team

These are the people who will be supporting Bogota 2023. Sharing their experience, skills and passion for film-making, storytelling and science communication.

Diana Carolina Ramírez

Diana Carolina Ramírez

Diana Carolina Ramírez is a trained biologist. Her experience is based on the development of social knowledge appropriation, educational science projects and the dissemination of natural sciences with various communities. She has worked with indigenous communities and rural farming communities in the country, supporting science teaching and learning processes, as well as educommunicative projects. She currently works as the coordinator of the Labco rooms at Biblored, where her team has lead various strategies for social knowledge appropriation in libraries, with a primary focus on science, technology, and innovation.

Diana Angelica Jaime Diaz

Diana Angélica Jaime Díaz

Diana Angélica Jaime Díaz studied Film and Television Direction and Production. She has a master's degree in Social and Cultural Studies and another one in Educational Technology and Digital Competences. She currently works as a Professional Mediator in the Digital Culture and Innovation department of BiblioRed. Before, she used to be a Reading, Writing, and Orality Promoter in libraries. Interdisciplinarity is a key part of her creative community work practices.

Felipe Díaz

Felipe Díaz

Felipe is a biologist and holds a master’s degree in Biological Sciences from the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. His work has primarily focused on studying avian biology, with a particular emphasis on hummingbirds. He has conducted studies on the flying kinematics of hummingbirds and their biogeography in the Andean Mountain range. Additionally, he served as a field assistant for Fundación Proyecto Primates at the Tiputini Biodiversity Station in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, where he collected demographic and ethological data on spider monkeys. Besides, he participated as scientist in the SciFilmIt Hackaton Bogota 2022.

Angélica Sepúlveda

Angélica Viana Sepúlveda

Angélica Viana-Sepúlveda is a Civil Engineer with a Master’s in Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Road Infrastructure from the Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia). She is currently studying her Ph.D. at the same university focused on asphalt mixtures sustainability, evaluating the possibility of creating self-repair pavements. She is part of the Geomaterials and Infrastructure Systems (GeoSI, Colombia) and the Laboratory of Materials (LabMAT, Chile) research groups, and her areas of interest include experimental characterization and computational modeling of self-healing road materials, scientific communication and problem-solving with innovation practices. Angelica participated in the SciFilmIt 2022 edition as a scientist and actress. Moreover, she leads the scientific divulgation project for pavements of her research group generating content for Instagram and YouTube (coming soon: PaviAndes)."

Geny Carolina Silva Carrillo

Geny Carolina Silva Carrillo

Geny is a Pharmaceutical Chemist from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Master in Public Health from Universidad de los Andes. With experience in the pharmaceutical professional field including the execution of health technologies, pharmacovigilance and management of drug information bases in the public and private sector. I am currently supporting the ‘Grupo de Investigación Clínica’ in the medicines and biological products of the regulatory agency
‘Invima’. And together with ‘Académicos por Colombia’, I have actively participated in the management of projects for social transformation through the use of science and technologies.

Paulina Herrán

Paulina Herrán 

Paulina is a political scientist from Universidad de los Andes, with a postgraduate degree in Journalism from the same university, and a Master's degree in Business and Institutional Communications Management from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (Spain). She has experience in the public sector as a communications advisor, on political and legislative issues. She has worked in the private sector as a consultant in strategic communications, public relations, and digital media agencies. She has ventured into audiovisual communications with the interview space “Abrebocas”, which he produced and presented between 2021 and 2022. She has also frequently participated as a panelist in programs on political, social, economic and cultural issues in Colombia and the world. She has specialized in the topic of “Storytelling” and the construction of stories, as a tool in the formulation of communication strategies and their application in various fields, such as politics, academia and business. In 2021, she participated as a mentor in the first edition of the SciFilmIt Hackathon in Bogotá.

Juan Fernando Loěpez

Juan Fernando López

He is a creative director and advisor specializing in scientific communication and outreach for both public and private institutions. With a background encompassing the design and leadership of communication strategies and international co-productions, he has a proven track record in managing strategic partnerships, optimizing resources, and leading diverse interdisciplinary teams. His skill set includes simultaneous oversight of content and creative team management, as well as product and format development in great companies like Minciencias, Canal 13, RTVC and others. As a founding partner and Creative Director of Juanete Comunicaciones, a company with a decade of experience in project development and communication strategies aimed at creating social and cultural impact, he plays a pivotal role. Additionally, he is the founder and coordinator of the Colombian Network of Scientific Dissemination and Culture.

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Jorge Leiseca

Jorge Anderson Laiseca Cercado received his Bachelors Degree in Musical Arts, with emphasis in Composition and Arrangements, from the Faculty of Arts (ASAB) at the University of the Francisco José de Caldas District. He was also a student of programming technology at the National Distance University. He is part of, and a founding member of, the “collective of Colombian composers and creators c4” and is part of the Colombian Circle of Contemporary Music (CCMC). He has completed works related to computer applications and mathematics in musical composition, as well as the application of artificial intelligence in composition and music electronics. He works to promote new music as a performer and composer. He was a founding member of the BorTex, an ensemble dedicated to the advancement of new music in Latin America. He has won multiple national and international awards and garnered support for his works and his goals to develop cultural management projects around contemporary music. He has worked making music for video games and films. He is also creating musical theater and musical arrangements for jazz and rock.

Juan Camilo Riìos Orjuela

Juan Camilo Ríos Orjuela
Juan Camilo Ríos Orjuela is a Biologist and PhD student at Universidad de los Andes. His
research interests encompass mainly evolutionary ecology and functional morphology in vertebrates. He is especially intrigued by the evolution of phenotypic traits and how phenotypic evolution allows species to occupy geographical niches. He is currently focusing on evaluating how the nectarivorous diet has shaped morphology, diversification, and niche occupation of hummingbirds. He is also interested in citizen science and scientific communication as tools for conservation and social appropriation of knowledge. Since 2019, he co-host and produces "Aves de Colombia", a podcast about Colombian birds that brings science to people using biodiversity as an educational tool. ©2019 - 2021